Christmas in July : Day 14

Christmas in July : Day 14

Day 14 and we are looking at a staple in any woman's closet. that one thing across most woman that seems to boost confidence and make us feel like we can conquer  the world and look amazing doing it. That's right … The Pencil Skirt.  If you have never slipped on a pencil skirt now is the time to try it, and why not with this pattern? Not only is it free it also doesn't take a lot of fabric or time to create. 

Patterns for Pirates is the designer behind todays pattern feature. I hear a lot of mixed opinions on their drafting style and fit of garments  which makes sense seeing as how each of our bodies are different. This pattern at least in my opinion, is all about fabric selection. I personally have multiples made out of double brushed poly, one or two in stretch velvet, a couple in liver pool and scuba and one in cotton lycra. 

I will tell you right now,  tho I love the print on the cotton lycra one it is not my favorite of them all.  Each one has a very different feel and fit, and as such a different purpose in my wardrobe. For instance I am not going to try to chase children in a low stretch Liverpool pencil skirt, but I can run through a field after a horse or child in my double brushed poly ones.  my go to for date night is scuba or liver pool because it does a better job at smoothing all the bumps and bulges that we sometimes wish were a bit less noticeable.

Since this pattern offers such variety based on fabrics I think it is a great one to try for any sewing enthusiast.

Today I will show you two I have sitting in my craft room. One in double brushed poly and one is stretch velvet. 

Historically this pattern takes me about 15 - 20 min from cut to wear if I actually put a hem on it. 

A quick simple sew and hopefully a great boost for yourself or that rocking woman in your life. 

So how do you get this pattern free? Join the Patterns for Pirates Facebook group to find the discount code, then check out on their website. Simple and Quick go do it now! 

See you another day,


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