Christmas in July : Day 12

Christmas in July : Day 12

Day 12 was a gift for my mother in law, and she loves it. 

Swoon patterns Scarf neck cardigan.

I actually have several of these cardis in my closet and love them too. 

This free pattern(s) is one of the first clothing items I ever made for myself and it is still one of my favorite cardi patterns. 

This particular one was crated using light blue emi in cotton french terry and a nude lace I grabbed from the Walmart clearance section. 

I found this pattern on a website ( can't remember which one) before I had ever heard of swoon patterns. Now I silently stock their facebook group to see all the beautiful bags. I am still to big a chicken to go buy all the bag making stuff to try for fear I will butcher it. Silly I know but sewing purses is still up there with sewing bras for me, I will try both... One day. Anyways back to this awesome cardigan. 

Available in women and girls sizing. The adult version with 2 sleeve length options and girls with full length sleeves included in the pattern.

This pattern is designed with beginners in mind and takes hardly any time to pull together despite its beautiful french steams and comfortable style. This particular cardigan is beyond amazing for lounging  when the house is just a bit to cool, yet also looks amazing dressed casual or for an evening out. So many options in one style all you have to do is pick the perfect fabric for you vision. 

The one I am going to show you is a long sleeve version and follows the pattern with no modifications. 

I am happy with hop this turned out and my mother in law gets compliments everytime she wears it. which let be honest we both love.  Look at that awesome smile! I just love that she appreciates and genuinely loves the things I make for her!

Come back tomorrow to see what our next free featured pattern is.

- Blake





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