Christmas in July : Day 11

Christmas in July : Day 11

Panels are the game for day 11. Panel Pillows. A super simple and quick project that is great to include littles in if you have ones that want to help. I let my 2 and 3 year old help make this pillow for Daddy. It is not perfect in a technical since, and yet it is just perfectly imperfect. 

Ok so instructions.  All you have to do is cut 2 mirrored shapes. You can  use any shape you want really. We used a rectangle.  After  you have your shapes cut sew them together around the edge (i used a 5/8 in seem allowance) leaving a couple of inches to turn and stuff your pillow. Top stitching is optional. Stuff your pillow and stitch the turning hole. That's it.  

I am proud of the effort my littles put into helping with this for my husband. 

Ta ta for now, 


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