52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 47

52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 47

I got a huge kick out of this weeks 52 Week Sewing Challenge.... Sew something with an elastic waistband. What a PERFECT time of year for that challenge. 🤣🤣 I'm about to stuff my face with turkey and all the trimmings and right after that we hit the Holiday season where my house will be a constant source of DELICIOUS baked goods, so you KNOW I HAD to accept this weeks challenge!!!

I had some of the BEAUTIFUL Emi in French Terry and some Navy and Heathered Gray that I knew would go PERFECTLY together, but wasn't sure what bottoms pattern I could find that I could use all 3 of those fabrics on. Then I remembered about the  Drew Joggers from Petite Stitchery and Co.and how it has that AWESOME tuxedo stripe going down the side and knew that's what I needed to make. 😍😍😍 I was considering doing the ruched version, but between Thanksgiving being right around the corner and getting ready for our #DecktheHallswithAshandElm event I've been swamped and I just wanted to get this sew done as quickly as possible. 

You know I couldn't just make a pair of joggers right?!?! Of course I needed a SWEET new top to go with my AMAZING new pants and the Runway Raglan from Petite Stitchery and Co.was just what I was envisioning to make this outfit FABULOUS!!! I LOVE the little pop of color I can add to the shoulders! 

Now if you're thinking to yourself "Hey self this combo looks a little familiar don't you think?" Well you'd be right! 🤣 A few weeks back when I got my hands on some of that AMAZING Gold and Teal Mountain Yardage*  I made T2 an outfit using those two patterns and I loved it so much that I knew I would have to make a similar set in my size at some point. 😍

I am absolutely in LOVE with the way this outfit turned out and can not wait to sit on my couch after a delicious meal and just relax and be SOOO COMFORTABLE!!! Are you following along with the 52 Week Sewing Challenge? I'd LOVE to see what you created this week!

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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