52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 44

52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 44

Anyone else out there doing the 52 Week Sewing Challenge?? When I saw this weeks theme of Sew Something you would Normally Purchase I was a bit perplexed on what I should sew up. I mean I usually buy things instead of make them because, well it's just easier! 😅

I tossed a few different ideas around.... Tote bag, ironing board cover, winter hats. But that's about it, my mind was coming up short on things I could sew up that I would normally buy and honestly none of those things were exactly inspiring me at the moment. 😫 I could always just reject the challenge and go rouge this week, but I really like trying to rise to the occasion and push myself to try something new. After thinking on it for a bit I remembered way back when I first started sewing I found a blog post about sewing up reusable paper towels! Between homeschool crafts and 4 boys we probably go through a GIANT roll in a week 😬 So of course when I remembered this idea I had a total AHA 💡 moment and knew EXACTLY what I needed to try and sew up for this weeks challenge! 

Check out the original blog here (http://thatshortgirlsblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/reusable-paper-towel-tutorial.html?m=1) I also made a video of me sewing one up if you are interested in following along with me! This is going to be a total game changer.... Does it mean I'll have to do more laundry though 🤔


If you are interested in joining me for what's left of this years 52 Week Sewing Challenge check out their Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/52weeksewingchallenge/ They give out AWESOME prizes every week and it has been an AMAZING experience getting a chance to try something new and outside of the box from what I would normally sew!
xoxo- Melissa 😘


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