52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 3

52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 3

This weeks 52 Week Sewing Challenge of sewing up a bathing suit or outerwear was an especially exciting one for me!! I've sewn up a few swim suits in my sewing journey, and with it being winter (albeit a mild one where I live) I wasn't really in the mood to make another one right now, but when I saw outerwear was an option I INSTANTLY knew what I wanted to make!!!

The Ellie & Mac Duchess Jacket* has been on my dream sewing list for a VERY long time, but I was SUPER INTIMIDATED by it.... It's a GORGEOUS pattern and every single make I've seen someone share of it made my jaw drop. I always thought they must have some special sewing magic I don't know about to make something THAT AMAZING!!!

In 2022 though my new mantra is to not let fear hold me back, so I decided to put on my big girl panties and I was going to sew this jacket up if it was the last thing I did!!!! 

I grabbed some of our GORGEOUS Emi Stripes*  sat down at my machine and was prepared for a standoff.... 🤯WOW 🤯I can not tell you how glad I am that I finally took the leap to make this FABULOUS pattern!!!! Not only was it WAY EASIER than I ever expected it to be, but the fit is beyond  PERFECT!!!!!! Is it a SUPER fancy coat that I have no where to wear it too.... YUP! Am I going to rock this jacket every single time I leave the house no matter if I'm going out to eat or to the grocery store.... YUP!

It not only looks BEYOND AMAZING, but knowing that I made it fills me with so much confidence and joy that I don't ever want to take it off!! 😍😍😍 Once piece of advice.... STOP LETTING FEAR HOLD YOU BACK!!! Take the leap and try sewing up that pattern you've been drooling over for years.... chances are you will blow your mind at the AWESOME things you can accomplish. 

Did you accept this weeks sewing challenge? I'd LOVE to hear what you made!

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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