52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 1

52 Week Sewing Challenge- Week 1

Are you sewing along with the 52 Week Sewing Challenge?Β 

If you haven't heard of it yet, it's an AWESOME group where every week sewists areΒ given a challenge that helps to encourage and inspire us to try something new that maybe we wouldn't of thought of doing! You can either accept or reject each weeks challenge and then share your makes with the group to help inspire other sewists and be entered to win an AWESOME monthly prize package!! This year the Ash and Elm team has decided to accept the challenge and will be sharing our journey each week! πŸ˜„

This weeks challenge was to sew your oldest or newest fabric, and I decided to take it one step further by sewing up BOTH my NEWEST and OLDEST Ash & Elm fabrics!Β 

I've been wanting to sew up the newest versions of the Peg Legs from Patterns for Pirates* since they were released, but to be completely honest I was VERY HESITANT about it. The Peg Legs were one of the first patterns I sewed up when I was starting my garment sewing journey, and they just weren't love 😭 I had used some clearance fabric I found at a craft store, and it didn't have the kind of recovery that leggings need so instead of being a comfortable fit that I could wear throughout the day, by lunchtime they were saggy around the knees and the waistband would be down to my ankles if I even thought about walking anywhere 😱 I have to say though I am VERY pleasantly surprised at how AMAZING the updated pattern is!!! 

Not only did these stay up, but they felt FABULOUS ALL.DAY.LONG!!!! No sagging, no falling, just bliss 😍😍😍 I think fabric choice plays a HUGE role in the fit and quality of leggings, so I decided to try using some Luxe DBP and let me just say not only does it feel like I'm walking around in a fluffy cloud all day, but the recovery of the fabric is so FANTASTIC that it gave a bit of the compression that I prefer in my leggings, without feeling tight!! It was GLORIOUS to work with too!!! Because it's a bit thicker it doesn't stretch out when sewing like typical DBP does so my seams didn't get wavy and my machine absolutely LOVES it! πŸ’•πŸ’• I used the GORGEOUS Gray Geo Watercolor* to give this pair a pop of character and I am head over heels with how AMAZING they turned out!!!Β Β 


@mcumings I’m LOVING these colorblocked Peg Legs from @patternsforpirates 😍😍😍 #sew #sewing #sewalong #sewingtiktok #sewingforyoupage #leggings #sewingblog ♬ Who Is She - Qveen Herby


What do you think? Have you tried sewing up the newest versions of the Peg Legs from Patterns for Pirates?

If you are interested in sewing through the 52 Week Sewing Challenge with us, you can find the group with all the challenges and info HERE. If you are looking for a little extra motivation and inspiration on what to sew up each week, come join us in our Sew-Along Facebook group. Each week we are sewing up a different pattern inspired by the challenge and will be offering prizes and discount codes throughout the year as well!! 😍 

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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