Getting to know the team - April

Getting to know the team - April

Next up in our team interviews is a face you will likely recognize. April is one of our original 3 brand reps and we just love her she has been with us through so much growth and we cant wait to see the new things she creates for us every month. Read on to get to know April a little better.

Name and what you do here at Aurora Designs?
April Simpson Hunt & I'm a brand rep!

How old were you when you learned to sew and who taught you?
I learned to knit a little when I was really young (my grandmother taught me), then learned how to sew in a sewing class in high school. My teacher was the greatest. She always took us on field trips to Joanns and other fabric shops, then out to lunch.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of sewing?
My favorite part is probably wearing and sharing the things I've made. Least favorite part is probably hemming? I use a sewing machine (haven't upgraded to a serger yet) and it goes sooo slowly. By the time I get to the last little bit, I'm ready to put it on and seldom take the time to hem it. Not a huge fan of button holes either, but I don't mind them...they're just a nuisance, more than anything. lol

What has been your favorite thing you have ever made?
good question! My current favorite is a slim dolman I made out of super soft, fuzzy sweater knit. I added thumbhole cuffs, then made it a little bigger and longer than normal, so it's extra cozy. I have a new favorite every week, though! 🙂

If you could get any crafting item what is at the very top of your list right now?
A serger/coverstitch combo machine

Current favorite pattern or pattern designer?
The slim dolman from Halla patterns (I seriously can't stop making them!) or anything from George and Ginger.

Favorite food?
Anything from the Japanese steak house.

Most watched on netflix?
CSI, Criminal Minds, Call the Midwife

Currently playing on pandora?
I don't have pandora. (I know!) Mostly end up listening to kids songs on YouTube or the Hip Hop & R&B radio station from Nashville with the older kids.

What do you like to do with your spare time (other than sew!)?
Work on my photography, blog, make vlogs for my YouTube channel, watch video tutorials on YouTube (usually photography, sewing or DIY related), watch TV, read, play with my kids.

What did you want to be when you grow up?
A cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins or a stewardess/flight attendant for delta

Last but not least… What advice would you give someone starting out?
Enjoy it. All of it. Try not to stress about whether things are getting done quickly enough, if they're perfect or not, whether the photos are magazine worthy or not, etc. Just keep learning and challenging yourself and if you get stuck, ask someone around for help. Odds are, they have been right where you are and would love to help! Also, YouTube it! I've learned half of the things I know about sewing on YouTube. I don't know what I did before then. lol.

We are so glad April is part of our team and hope you love her as much as we do! Have questions for April? Leave them in the comments. 

Thanks for reading! Join us Friday (3-16-18) for the breaking ground blog tour as we try something new!





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