Fabric Spotlight - Double Brushed Poly

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Fabric Spotlight - Double Brushed Poly

Double Brushed Polyester (DBP) 
What is it?

Double Brushed Poly is one of the most popular knits in the fabric universe right now. Why? Because it's amazing! Double Brushed Poly is also known as "DBP" in the sewing community. Why is double brushed poly so amazing, you ask? Because it's buttery soft and very versatile! It is a Polyester Spandex knit that is brushed on both sides of the fabric, giving it a very smooth, delicate texture. Here at Aurora Design Fabrics, we carry double solids, we run custom prints on double brushed poly, and we print in-house designs on dbp shirt panels! We try to keep solids in stock, so we run pre-orders for them every few months at a great price! Now onto more info.

More Specifics

Solids - Our double brushed poly solids are a quality, medium weight 200gsm 96% Poly 4%Spandex blend. They have a very generous 4-way stretch, more than 50%, which makes them perfect for so many clothing items. A definite fabric stash must-have!

Custom - Our custom double brushed poly is also quality, medium weight fabric, but very slightly heavier at 220gsm. The custom dbp is heavenly soft with great stretch just like our solids so you won't notice a difference in weight if you're pairing one of our solids with your custom order. They are a match made in buttery soft heaven! 

Sewing with Double Brushed Poly

If you haven't sewn with double brushed poly before, there is nothing to fear! It may seem like an intimidating fabric because it is more delicate than your average apparel knit, which is why we are here to encourage you to put your foot down and sew with some double brushed poly! 

To sew with double brushed poly, you will want to make sure you have ballpoint needles in whatever machine(s) you intend on using. Ballpoint needles are essential for sewing knits because the rounded tip of the needle prevents the needle from poking big holes in the fabric. They are designed to slip down between the knitted fibers of the fabric without damaging it. So put ballpoint needles on your must-have list!

If you are sewing with double brushed poly on your sewing machine, you are going to need a walking foot. A walking foot has feed dogs on the bottom of the foot that walk/feed the fabric under the foot. Having the feed dogs on the sewing machine working in conjunction with the walking foot prevents stretching or bunching of the fabric. If you don't already own a walking foot, you might want to add it to your list! It will save you many headaches.

What Can You Make With It?

I think the real question here is, what can't you make with it? Double brushed poly is such a versatile fabric and is great for so many clothing items, it's kind of crazy. Tops, skirts, dresses, leggings, beanies, headbands, and so much more! Since there are so many options, I have gathered some of the team's favorite patterns for DBP for you to check out. 

Pattern Recommendations: Kids

One team member recommended a wonderful grow-with-me top pattern called Grow Fonder by AppleTree Patterns. This is a wonderful unisex pattern that will last your kid for years!

One of my favorite patterns for DBP are the Bonny Leggings by Made for Mermaids. They are free if you are a member of the M4M Facebook group, which makes them even better! 

Pattern Recommendations: Women's

There were several recommendations for women's patterns, so I'm going to cut the list shorter, but if you want more suggestions, feel free to comment here on the blog or on our Facebook post and we will be happy to share!

One lovely team member recommended the Mama Cassie Top from Made for Mermaids. This top pattern is packed with options so you can make a large variety of different looks with one pattern!

Pretty unanimously recommended were Peg Legs leggings pattern from Patterns for Pirates! Leggings in double brushed poly is nothing short of luxury. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time, because this pattern is free! Don't forget the free add-ons for colorblocking, pockets, maternity bands and more!

Another recommended leggings pattern were the Ninja Pants by 5 Out of 4 Patterns! Also free if you are a member of their Facebook group, yay!

Want to try a dress in double brushed poly? Do it! It will be the most comfortable dress you've ever worn and the drape of DBP is beautiful! Here is a free Wrap Dress pattern for you.


If you are concerned about compliance, no needs to worry about trying to find exemption codes, etc., because Aurora Design Fabrics tries to source compliant fabrics and/or provide the exemption codes for you right on the listing! Double brushed poly happens to be an exempt fabric, and you can find the code right on the listings on the website! What a time saver!


So we have informed you what double brushed poly is, why it's amazing, and how you can use it. We have also told you about our double brushed poly here at Aurora Design Fabrics and how luxurious it is. If you haven't tried double brushed poly yet, you totally should! If you'd like to try out ours, feel free to visit the shop and take a look around! We have solids, customs, and in-house DBP shirt panels from you to choose from. Believe us when we tell you that double brush poly is a staple in all of our fabric stashes! 

Have you already worked with double brushed poly? What did you think? Share your creations in the Facebook post in the group! We would love to see them! Especially if they are made with Aurora Design's fabrics! Here are some pictures using DBP from the team:

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is excited to sew with some double brushed poly now.

Until next time,


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