Creating with Stretch Velvet

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Creating with Stretch Velvet

One of the trends that we are seeing a lot is velvet. This trend really gained momentum in the fall has successfully carried over to winter nicely and if the runways and Pinterest are any indication it looks like it is here to stay for spring.
I was personally not a fan of velvet, in fact I was flat out against it. I immediately thought of my grandma Peggy in her hot pink velvet track suit and glitter scarf headed off to the casino to play pennies. Though I love that woman dearly, I don't aspire to replicate her fashions at this point in my life.
I did not want to wear such a texture, just sure it would highlight all my less than loved areas.

In comes my team box..... Stretch velvet, and lots of it.  Not just a yard or two but five yards ( some from team box some from mystery boxes not sure which was which it was a big box with a lot of combined orders). Brandi sure knows how to challenge me. 

What in the world was I to do with all of this fabric? I would not be wearing velvet clothing! I figured I had the fabric i might as well use it  if for no other reason than to promote the fabric.
I had one yard of royal, turquoise, hunter and 2 yards of black.

On a whim I decided to make a p4p pencil skirt using the royal. Being such a quick and easy make it was ready to try on in less than half an hour. Fully expecting to hate the skirt I headed off to my bedroom to try it on. Standing there looking at my new skirt in the mirror I'm astonished. I love it... The bright color is rich and vibrant, the texture hides instead of highlights my little bit of a mom tummy! this is obviously a fluke, probably a bad pattern to try everything comes out amazing in a pencil skirt.  I should for sure try something else.

Using the hunter green velvet  and a scrap of mocha lace I made an Agnes dress by halla. Also a quick sew and about an hour later I'm staring in the mirror in absolute wonder.

How is this even possible? I do not like velvet clothing! Except apparently I do!

It is structured and has a nice stretch, doesn't show every little bump. Has a nice weight and drape. The colors are rich and they seem to wash easily and well.  It can be a but slippery to sew but not too bad, just enough that i actually had to pay attention and use clips.

After my first two makes I am a bit obsessed and wanted to order more (which i did)  so I kept going with what I had on hand.

My husband suggested a dress for our daughter in the turquoise. He made a good choice and it came out adorable.

I also made a wiggle dress in the black velvet for myself and wow its for sure  vava voom since i chose the off the shoulder option on this one.

What have you made with stretch velvet? or what would you like to make?
Here are  some of the amazing things the rest of the team have created with our stretch velvet...
Elizabeth rocked it out with several makes.
April made this beauty.
Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board.
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  • Elizabeth

    Blake you are hot, just saying. We had the same feeling about this fabric. It’s amazing how easily I was persuaded into loving it too!

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