Week 31 : Pants

Week 31 : Pants

Lets make some pants... leggings are pants right? I know there is a bit on controversy about weather or not leggings are pants however, for todays purposes im going to say yes. Also as a stay at home mom that rarely sees a sole outside of my family and neighbors who are basically family, does it really even matter. 

In my husbands word " I do what I want." 

 I wanted to try a new legging pattern out and seeing as how I won a Duck Butt Designs gift card a while back an got the long leg runners now is a perfect time to try them out. 

Like most other basic legging or simple slim pant patterns the long leg runners are a quick easy project great for beginners. I was surprised that I found these fit better than a few other similar style leggings I have tried in the past.  I used our athletic brushed poly to create these in one of our custom prints from the boho queens round a while back.  

So Comfy... That is all I can really say. Amazingly comfortable. I haven't noticed any sliding, shifting or bunching so far which makes me really happy. 

So photos, or it didn't happen right? 

See you next week - Blake



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