Week 29:  Something Stretchy

Week 29: Something Stretchy

I know, I know it is summer and long sleeves are out. However I wave been battling sickness that just seems to keep coming back and I find I keep getting cold. I actually have never been a big fan of long sleeve shirts. Learning to tolerate things on my lower arms as long as it is stretchy and not to tight is one of my goals for this year. There are just so many longer sleeve patterns I want to try.

For my something stretchy challenge I am making a raglan using a large scrap of double brushed poly for the sleeves. Lately I have been all about using my scrap pile ( totes). with all the sewing I have been doing for our Christmas in July special I am determined to be as economical as possible in my fabric consumption. 

Almost everyone has a raglan pattern they just love. Comment and let us know your favorite raglan pattern. 

Here is how this creation came out...


Be sure to check back next week for more adventures in the 52 week sewing challenge - Blake


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