Week 27: Sew something with stripes

Week 27: Sew something with stripes

This week is all about stripes. With all the beautiful stripes we have had between retail and mystery packs it was hard to choose. However I got lucky and had an order placed for a striped and solid dress that is perfect for this challenge. so lets knock out two birds with one stone. 

For this dress I am using the made for mermaids mamma joy pattern paired with our blue liverpool stripes and double brushed poly solid navy.

This pattern is one of my best sellers as it looks good on a lot of body types, is comfortable and has pockets! Ladies love pockets. I am all about pocket equality so that is a huge selling point for a pattern in my book. 

Mama joy is simple to construct and finish usually taking me les than an hour from cut to finish. ( That is the without child interruptions time frame) 

Being a simple make I don't have a ton to write about so I will just share some photos and call it a short week. 


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