Week 25: Something Blue

Week 25: Something Blue

Seeing as how both of my kids are growing like crazy I used this challenge to make my children each something.. Those of you that sew for young kids know its a never ending battle to stay on top of growth and season changes. I am failing at this battle at the moment but its the thought that counts right??? I'm just going to pretend I heard someone say yes and move on to this challenge's projects. 

Hunter is getting another pair of boxers because that boy is still in need and Katalynn is getting a dress. 

As always I chose the kids boxerwear pattern by SUAT for Hunter.  If  anyone has a different kids fitted boxer pattern they swear by drop it in the comments so I can check it out. 

For Katalynn's dress I chose the Danica by Goober Pea. This design was originally a George and Ginger Co. pattern before she switch her focus to adults and teens only. Luckily Goober Pea Designs was able to pick the kids patterns up And extend their sizing as well as retest everything and add new options on some patterns! I was lucky enough to get chosen to test the Danica dress and really like it. I have the woman's version of this dress  from G+G and love it as well. 

I decided to do the front and back different on the dress because it seemed no way I turned it I couldn't get it all to fit on the piece of our XL Ellie custom I had.  Katalynn chose the light blue shade from our dbp solids for the back and I used part of the scraps to make the boxers for hunter. 

 I love the fit of this dress on my little and how she looks in it! 

Isn't this dress adorable!?!

Oh and the boxers, cant forget those! Hunter got then dirty before I even got a chance  to get my camera out so no photos but I just love this color blue I used for the boxers and the back of the dress. 

See you next week, 


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