Week 24: Something for a girl

Week 24: Something for a girl

As the mom of a girl who can't seem to stop growing this week is a much needed challenge for me. My little walking ball of attitude has basically out grown all her warm weather clothing and with the temperatures being in the 80's and 90's lately I'm not a fan of letting my littles out in long sleeves while I do chores. 

Not only that but I also have some beautiful strikes, part of which was begging to be made into a dress!

Hoping to satisfy my picky daughter I wanted to try a new pattern and decided to go for the violette fields cario that I bought on sale a few months back. I decided to do the everyday version using cotton woven. Praying that little Miss Kat will like it enough to actually wear it often I printed the pattern and got started. 

So to be really blunt I was worried this pattern would be super complicated. The cover photo is so beautiful and elegant. And frankly I'm not a huge fan of wovens typically, much more of a knit gal.  But this pattern is just so beautiful and elegant I couldn't resist trying it. 

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have actually never used the button hole feature on my new machine and was actually really scared to. I didn't realize this pattern had button holes or I probably wouldn't have purchased it. We all have that one thing we are afraid of and now you know mine.... button holes!

So fabric... I used our custom cotton woven from an upcoming round that I am in love with and a scrap of lace. 

The dress went together fairly easy with the exception that I messed up and put the and stitched two wrong parts together and had to get the seam ripper out. So minus that mistake it was smooth sewing. 

I did make two minor alterations. #1 I lengthened the bodice to fit the panel and #2 I shortened the strap to make my scrap piece of lace work.  It's all about working with what you have. 

The end result is adorable. 


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