Week 18 Sew a Wallet or Purse~ A Bag Counts Right?

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Week 18 Sew a Wallet or Purse~ A Bag Counts Right?

Week 18, where has the time gone! This week’s challenge is to make a purse or wallet. I already have an amazing purse and wallet made by Ruth of Toby Bean custom bags.  I didn’t really have a need for another. What I did need was a big bag. My husband and I got a wild hair to take an overnight trip on the motorcycle and we had yet to outfit the bike with saddle bags. I needed a bag we could take, that would keep my clothing dry and could be strapped too the bike. Knowing that this challenge was coming, I began the hunt for a pattern I could use. I found the Atlas by Swoon and it seemed to fit the bill so, I grabbed the pattern and gathered supplies. Full transparency I sewed this pattern last week making it a week early. I needed it for this past weekend. However, we didn’t get back until last night so technically I was still testing it to see if it would meet my needs lol.

Not only was I preparing for our first long ride I was sewing my first bag. I was a bit nervous but the instructions were so clear that I sailed through construction in no time. My only trip-up was at the end when it has you pull the outside of the bag into the inside by an inch. I missed the turn right-side out comment and had to backtrack. It was totally reader error though. One of my favorite things is that the pattern offers pages you can print but also gives you measurements of the rectangles you need. So, you can decide if you want to print and glue or just use a ruler. I opted to just use the ruler.  I love that it features a smaller front zip pocket on the outside of the bag. The ruck sack opening was just what I needed to make it more of a wet bag. For this bag I used some faux leather for the base and straps and board-short from the shop for the top and pocket. I then used table cloth material for the lining in hopes that it would keep stuff dry. I constructed the bag for the most part per instruction. The only mod I made was to add a self-drafted clip holder to attach

the bag to the bike. I finished the bag off by applying Rust ole-um never-wet to the outside of the bag.  I was happy with the finished look of the bag and really hoping it would work. Saturday morning, we took off on our trip and by the time we got to the top of the pass we were hitting some heavy rain. When we got to our destination my husband had to poor water out of his boots!   But the contents inside the bag well, I am happy to announce they were bone dry!

We road over 550 miles this weekend and the bag held up well. The main part of the bag stayed super dry inside and the small outside pocket only got a little damp. I will be using this pattern again and I discovered that I really like making bags.

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  • Jenna Hobbs

    So impressive! Great job!

  • Genesis

    I love the fabric, the bag, and the fact that it kept everything dry! Impressive all around!

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