Week 17: Sewing something with pockets

Week 17: Sewing something with pockets

Pockets!  As a woman i get super excited about pockets. So much of the ready to wear selection of clothing available in most stores has lacking pockets. Either they simple are not an option or they are just not useful. Why?!?! I'm a mom I constantly need some place to put my phone, the Kleenex the todfler just handed me, the  price of paper our youngest just materialized out of thin air and many other random things. 

I basically live in leggings but I like the look of jeans. The answer is in this project.  Our Denim French Terry paired with Hey June's Sloan leggings  ( with the waistband pocket) and tada comfy and useful pants!  

Sloans are my favorite legging pattern, I just live how they fit my shape.  These are no exception!

Stop by and check out the many exciting thing coming to the blog this Week. 

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