Week 16 Sew Something for an Animal.

52 Week Sewing Challenge -

Week 16 Sew Something for an Animal.

This week’s challenge is to sew something for an Animal.  I decided I would sew something for my gentle giant beast.

Meet Gander a 100 + pound lab retriever-mix who doesn’t think he is any bigger than the size of his head. One of Gander’s favorite things is a tennis ball. However, his partner in crime (a rambunctious 4-year-old boy) has quite the arm on him.  I get a bit nervous about balls being played with in the house. So, I choose to sew Gander some soft cloth balls. I decided I would try and find a free pattern and use some scraps. Well I ran across a wiki How post and decided to use that. I won’t go into the how so much, the tutorial is pretty easy and can be found here.

Do you ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to sew a straight line? Well that was me and this project left me feeling disappointed in the outcome. However, it was most likely a me issue and not a tutorial issue. The first one was a muslin to see how my pattern would work and so I serged it, it came out ok but not perfect. I figured the imperfections were because I serged it. I moved on to the neon and sewed that, with the sewing machine but yet again, the symmetry I was looking for, just wasn’t there. The next one I followed the tutorial and used denim and that one came out even worse. By this point I decided to stop and move on.

Looking back on it I think that my circles are spaced to far apart. I will be changing that in the future. I also didn’t have enough serger scraps and think that the fabric scraps I used as stuffing were to big.  I will be changing that in the future as well.

One thing is for sure Gander and his boy were happy with them so I guess it wasn’t a complete fail lol!

If you want to get in on the 52 week sewing challenge you can do that here.

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  • Jenna Hobbs

    Oh gosh, those are too cool!! Good thinking!

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