Catch Up! With weeks 13 and 14

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Catch Up! With weeks 13 and 14

Oh boy this holiday week got us all behind on the 52 week blog post! Well just like they have a catch up thread we are having a catch up post. There are lots of exciting things happening in the challenge this week. They are currently doing quarterly giveaways and so far our very own  Sewing Menagerie queen Wendy Pratt managed to win one, Congratulations!

Last week was week 13 and the theme was Sew Something From a Pattern You Have But Have Never Used. Well even though it is a new pattern I had been dying to sew up some Green Style Creations Super G’S. I had purchased and printed the pattern the day it came out (I stalked the Facebook group for a week prior to its release) and then life got busy and I just couldn’t find the time to sew it up. Well last week I finally found the time and pulled one of the in-house panels to make them with. I also used our white DBP and Black heavy nylon.

Overall, I really like this pattern, it has a long gusset that runs knee to knee. The idea for this gusset is to help eliminate chafing and it works amazingly well. I feel like the fit is good.  I may take the advice given in the pattern instructions and thin out the gusset a little next time, however, it is great as is. The instructions were super easy to follow, there is an option for a side pocket although I didn’t do that with this pair. Sarah from Sewing with Sarah wrote a blog post on adding a zipper pocket to them and I am dying to try it out but will have to do that at a later date.

This pattern also comes with shorten and lengthen lines and 4 inseam options (21”, 26”, 29”, AND 32”). It really is a great pattern in itself but also a good base pattern for those who like to grade for the perfect fit.

Now that we are caught uppish, let’s talk about this week, we are nearing the end but there is still time to get your item entered. This week is week 14 and well it is Sew Something With Flowers. I was overwhelmed with choices available from the shop! We have flowers in a lot of different panel designs. In fact the Dr. Who panel I used for my tights has some in it. My first thought was to grab some Emi, but then I saw Lydia and was heading that direction, when I came across my Boho crowns! Well that was my choice, you will have to wait to see that sew another day or two though, because it is a brand-new pattern of amazingness and hasn’t been released. So, stay tune for that post! I can’t just leave you without something to show off though so check out these super fun sweat bands I put together with some Emi and purple glitter scraps and Lydia and black DBP.

If you want to get in on the fun of the 52 week challenge you can join here!

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