52 week Sewing challenge~week 6 sew something red or pink!

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52 week Sewing challenge~week 6 sew something red or pink!

Its week 6 of the 52 week sewing challenge. Valentines day is just around the corner, so the theme this week is sew something red or pink. I don't use a lot of pink and so I was leaning towards red and had a different fabric picked out to use. However, that plan changed when I opened my last fabric package from the shop. There was this amazing Freedom print on pink athletic brushed poly inside. Just in case you were unaware you are able to customize any black and white print in the shop to be printed on a different color background. Oh the possibilities! 

Back to the challenge, What pattern was I going to use? I was having a hard time narrowing it down. While I was getting dressed later in the week I busted a strap on my favorite sports bra, a light went off. I knew what I was going to make a new sports bra. I also already had the perfect pattern. https://greenstylecreations.com/products/endurance-sports-bra-bundle-band-sizes-28-to-40-and-cups-b Now this link is for the bundle but they do offer it split into two patterns if you just want your size.

So, I set to work cutting out a Green Style's Endurance sports bra. This would be my second time sewing this pattern.  I got everything cut and realized I didn't have a zipper! Not wanting to run to the store I decided to just omit the zipper all together. 

This pattern has you make your own cups with bra foam (cut and sew foam). I feel like if you haven't sewn with it before this step would be scary. However, don't let it keep you from attempting this pattern, sewing the foam really is super easy to do.


I followed the instructions for the racer back version up until applying the FOE.

Tip sew a straight stitch like the pattern suggest when attaching the fabric cup pieces (not foam) together or it wont lay right and you will need your seam ripper like I did.

Because I was omitting the zipper I went ahead and surged the front together. I did this by pinning the zipper opening right sides together and then omitted seam allowance. It isn't the prettiest but it will hold and it isn't visible on the outside. Next time I may try a flat-lock stitch.

Next I applied Foe (fold over elastic) per instructions, to the neck opening and arm openings. Finishing the bra using the rest of the instructions. 

Now as mentioned before Valentine's day is just around the corner so I needed matching undies right? I had been wanting to try Green Style's No Show Thong for a while. I am tired of fighting with underwear lines while wearing leggings! So I purchased the pattern and got to work. https://greenstylecreations.com/blogs/news/greenstyle-creations-no-show-thong

These were probably the fastest underwear to make ever and I will be making a million more. They are truly no show!


I love the fit of both these patterns. I will be making these again.

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