52 Week Sewing Challenge Week 5

52 Week Sewing Challenge Week 5

52 Week Sewing Challenge

Week 5: Something using a recently purchased pattern.

This week was an easy pick, and a difficult project for me.
I just purchased the Evolution Hoodie by New Horizons (which I have had my eye on for a while) and was super excited to make it.  And my black scuba came in just in time for this project too!

I had been looking for something different in a hoodie pattern and this one fit the bill perfectly. The fit was different from the others I have and so was the overall style. I love the pockets and the stripe detail. I knew going into this pattern it wasn't going to be as simple as the others I have made if for no other reason that the color blocking. However, I was in for more trials than I had anticipated .  Those amazing pockets that I loved so much drew more a few curse word from me, but more on that later.

I was eager to get started and choose solid black scuba and Andromeda to make this dream come to life.

I followed the pattern with no modifications, except I wanted longer bands on the sleeves so I used the thumbhole bands without making thumbholes. 

Everything came together perfectly up until those beautiful pockets. I probably stared at the directions for a good 30 min trying to figure out what the heck I was doing wrong. Then all of a sudden what the directions where saying clicked and I figured it out. They turned out far from perfect but I still love the over all look and my next ones will be batter of sure now that I actually know how to work that magic. 

Sometimes when trying to learn a new skill I was previously unaware of I get flustered and mess it all up and then cuss... a lot and get my dear friend the seam ripper out.  Those beautiful pockets where a new skill for me and once I figured it out I was in love and will for sure be  making them again.

Here is the finished project ...

What are you making this week? Share with us in the comments.

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