52 Week Sewing Challenge ~Week 4~Sew Something For a Boy

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52 Week Sewing Challenge ~Week 4~Sew Something For a Boy

Wow, we are already 4 weeks into the year where did time go!? This week’s challenge was to sew something for a boy. I have two boys and a husband, how was I to choose who to sew for?

I looked at my stash and saw this adorable panel: https://www.auroradesignfabrics.com/collections/in-house-panels/products/little-rascal-panel

The panel was a small child’s panel and its message fit my youngest to a tee. My stash had picked the who, now I needed the what! Why not let my scrap pile decide?! I had just cut out a pair of plank walkers the night before and I was wishing I had more of that awesome plaid for a button up. I didn’t but with some color blocking I could do something fun right? Next thing I know I am envisioning a Summit Peek Hoodie.

Have you ever done something you have been told not to do? I am totally the type that has to push the limits and learn the hard way. Rules are meant to be bent right?! (note to self don’t let your kids read this post) Mixing a woven and a knit could mean adding more volume to the scrap pile, but not trying to bring my vision to life would drive me bats all day. So, I grabbed my rotary cutter and my pattern and got to work. I used the panel for the front A piece, the shirting flannel for the front B pieces as well as one hood, white Double Brushed Polly (DBP) for the back piece, and black DBP sleeves, bands, and another hood.  I decided to omit the pocket because I didn’t want add to my time spent if this was not going to work.

 I pieced the garment together following the instructions, stopping along the way to make sure the hood would go over my boy’s head (Don’t skip this step if you decide to sew dangerously and recreate this look). Once I confirmed it would fit his head I completed the garment. I must say I am super happy with the outcome. It can be snug coming off, but goes on well and is wearable. One of the most important tweaks for the next one, will be to add one-inch length to the front b pieces when cutting out your fabrics. Another suggestion is to size up one size. Make sure to reinforce your flannel seams, (with a zig-zag stitch) even if using a serger to finish, this will keep the flannel from fraying. Also, I would like to note that I used shirting flannel and it has some give. I do not feel quilting flannel will be successful.

 You can find the Summit peak hoodie here: https://newhorizonsdesigns.com/product/summit-peak-hoodie/



This is the flannel I used: https://www.auroradesignfabrics.com/collections/ready-to-ship/products/blue-white-plaid-shirting-flannel  check out the shop for all the flannel, panel and solid options available.

The adorable pajama pants he is wearing are walk the plank and it is a free pattern found here: http://www.patternsforpirates.com/product/wtp-youth/


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