52 Week Sewing Challenge - Week 3

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52 Week Sewing Challenge - Week 3

52 Week Sewing Challenge.

Week 3:  Something to make sewing easier.

Can you make a babysitter out of fabric? That would be the biggest help really.
No? Well darn, ok I guess we need to come up with something else.

Something to make sewing easier... This one is difficult, what would really make sewing easier? Maybe a scrap catcher for your serger, but I already have one of those. I was really struggling with what to do for this challenge. So I'm sitting at my computer thinking what is something I find irritating or annoying or hard when it comes to the way I sew. Hmmm...... after a few minutes my son brought me yet another sewing clip out of my craft room. Well that's it I can never find enough clips. I have a little dish I keep by my serger to hold clips and have them easily accessible, which is great, If you don't have toddlers that is. My littles are always grabbing them and running off with them, it's infuriating and adorable when they magically become cars, choo choos, hair decorations for the ponies, and all the other things my children dream up.  Knowing where all my clips are would absolutely make sewing easier for me.  

Pinterest here I come! The idea I found that most fit my sewing room and need the most is more of a craft than sewing however for this week with the challenge I think that's ok. ( The spirit of the challenge is really to sew one thing a week even if it doesn't fall within the category and since I will for sure sew more than one thing this week, lets let it fly) I decided on making a mason jar pin cushion. This is perfect for what I need because I can use the top for the few pins I actually use and the jar to hold my clips.

This was such an easy project.

I simply used a piece of scrap fabric , a mason jar with lid and ring, a small handful of polyfil, and a hot glue gun( with glue obviously.)

The scrap fabric I chose happened to be knit ( double brushed poly). I cut two circles out of this fabric. One circle was the same size as the top of the jar or the lid. The other circle I drew using the same piece I used to trace the first but leaving about an inch on all sides. Next I took my small handful of poly fill and smushed it in a tight ball and glued it to the top if the mason jar lid. I then took my larger circle and put it over the polyfil slowly wrapping the edges around the mason jar lid and gluing them down as I went. When that was finished I glued my smaller circle on the bottom to cover up the messy edges. You could hand sew instead of using glue but I'm all about little time for the most impact so I used hot glue. Next I put the ring over the pin cushion and screwed it on to the jar. 

Done, super easy right!  I am actually thinking of making a couple to separate the different sized clips and pins I use since it was so easy. Here are a few photos of my finished project.


If you love the scrap I used you can find that fabric HERE.
After I made this I also found a free pattern and tutorial with pictures for the same thing Here.
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