52 week sewing challenge: week 15

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52 week sewing challenge: week 15

Week 15 : Woven Fabric. 

 Spring is here! Well its suppose to be however, it snowed yesterday so maybe mother nature isn't quite ready. 

With the colder weather we have been experiencing the last week or so doing chores in the morning has been rather chilly. Doubly so as it seams my favorite flannel scarf has disappeared.  having a very slim selection of woven fabric at the time I figured this flannel I have been saving would be a great fit for me a new chore scarf. 

I'm still holding out hope it will warm up and I can pack this scarf up till fall. 

This project is a super simple one all you need is a yard of flannel, a sewing machine if you choose and a washer and dryer. 

I in folded my fabric to lay flat, then folded a corner over until flush with the side and cut the excess off. This created a square.  then I simple threw that in the washer , then dryer. when it came out it had frayed a bit which I wanted. I simple pulled all the loose threads off to create a fringe. if you choose you can run a straight stitch behind you fringe line to stop extra fraying in future washes. 

Told you it was super simple. 

I love this scarf style because it is so use full. Obviously as a scarf but I have also used them as a blanket for my kids in the truck and even to wrap leg wounds in an emergency on my horses. 

This shirting flannel is warm and the perfect weight. Not the lose woven fuzzy kind chain stores sells but true shirting flannel. 

Being a scarf I figured selfies were fitting.

Here are a couple indoor shots. 

And since this after all a chore scarf how about some chore time selfies with my boys!  I feel like I should explain the  diamond cat? ears. my 2 year old daughter insisted I wear them this morning and I forgot they were on my head before going out side. OOPS!

and this is what happens when trying to selfie with my youngest gelding... so that's not a thing I try often.  Camera hog! 


Bottom line? this is just too simple, cute and comfortable not to have several! 

Join us next week to continue following along with our 52 week sewing challenge.




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  • Jenna Hobbs

    So cute and simple! I love it!

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