52 Week sewing challenge ~WEEK 12 Sew Something From Felt

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52 Week sewing challenge ~WEEK 12 Sew Something From Felt


In case you haven't noticed Blake the supreme admin, sewing extraordinaire and I have been swapping out writing blog post about the 52-week challenge. We have hit week 12 and the theme this week was to sew something from felt. OH boy, was I at a loss for ideas. It was my week to write and well I really didn't want to go rouge. So, what do I do when I need inspiration? Well I dive into the amazing world of Pinterest. I am pretty sure my husband has band me from looking at Pinterest several times, but it never seems to stick. Pinterest is super dangerous for someone who loves to craft and can cause brain overload and bank account drainage. You have been warned! So many ideas were right at my finger tips and I just had to choose. I also had to check to see if I even had felt in my stash. 

Well I had felt and 50 projects I wanted to make, but I only needed one project. I was thinking about making a cute fishing toy set. That was my plan anyways but as you can see by the cover picture that is not what I did. You see later on in the week I was finishing up a project that required hand sewing and my needle had once again disappeared into the abyss of my pin cushion. This happens often and I am quite afraid to bleed it because it may lead to me bleeding. That is when it occurred to me what I really needed was a needle holder and I remember seeing one on Pinterest.  

Not having the time to devote hours of looking to Pinterest (you get on for 5 min and the next thing you know it has been 5 hours), I decided to wing it. Lucky for you I kept track of what I did and you can do one too!

Materials: cut materials from your choice of fabrics

(1) doll panel cut to 4 tall(T) x 3 wide(w) inches (optional decoration)

  •  cut one 5T X 8W inch piece of felt (cover piece)
  •  cut two 4T X 7W inch pieces of felt (pages)
  •  cut eight 1.5T x 3W Inches wide pieces of felt (needle holder)


Step 1: Decorate your cover by folding the felt in half 5-inch side to 5 in side. Center your panel and pin it to the top layer of the cover and stitch in place. I used my cover stitch but you can do it on a sewing machine too.

Step 2: Fold 1.5-inch strips in half 3-inch side to 3-inch side and pin to pages lining the strips up with edge of the 4 inch side on its center point and having the fold face up. Do this to the front and back of the pages there will be a space in the middle. Use two straight stitches and sew the strips in place. Stitching slightly above and below the middle of the needle holder strips.

Step 3: Place the pages on the inside of your cover, centering and stacking one on top of the other and sew down the middle of the book through both pages and the cover.

Step 4: Admire your completed project and fill it with needles!

I really had fun making this and feel it will be super helpful in keeping my needles accessible. I used this panel because it’s what I had on hand for doll size, check out the other in-house panels available.  I really wanted to do can’t touch this but I didn’t have it on hand lol. You can join in on the 52 week sewing challenge here and feel free to make your own needle holder.

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