52  Week Sewing Challange- Week 9

52 Week Sewing Challange- Week 9

Week 9 : Something with buttons.

Hello week 9! I am so ready for spring, here mother nature has been teasing us bouncing back and forth between upper 60s and snowing. I dream of the green grass, budding blooms and starting o work in my garden. In preparation for spring I have been cleaning out my closet, in doing so I came across a dress I haven't worn in year that I loved the print of. Sadly it is no where close to fitting after 2 kids so in went in the "to make new" pile.  Since this weeks challenge is buttons I decided I would use this dress, some of our amazing solid dbp, and some buttons to make Katalynn a new spring dress. 

I decided to try the Petitboo's Jasmin top and modify it to work for what I was thinking. I have had this pattern printed for over a year and never tried it. So, no better time than the present! I am not familiar with this designer and forgot to print instructions so I just kind of winged it. It is entirely possible I made it differently than intended

This one came out very different from anything else I have made her previously.

 over all I like the dress but I don't feel like it fits her well, however maybe in a year it will fit her perfect. So it may be perfect for Easter next year.

So I'm curious, what are you making for your challenge this week?


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