52 Week Sewing Challange - Week 7

52 Week Sewing Challange - Week 7

Week 7 : Something with hearts.

This challenge is perfectly timed for valentines day and my daughter could still use an outfit to wear to her brothers valentines day party at school. 

My very stubborn 2 year old loves purple so this is the perfect opportunity to make her a cute purple top.

For this project I decided to use CKC's Aleya's high-low top and dress as my base pattern and just hack the back. This is a pretty simple pattern and my daughter already has one so I know she likes the fit.  And I already knew I wanted to use our solid dbp in lilac. I have really fallen in love with this color since I randomly ordered it just because I needed a purple on hand. 

To create a fun valentines look I wanted to do a heart cut out on the back. I figured the simplest way to accomplish the best results with this would be to line the back bodice piece. by cutting 2 back bodices , cutting a heart in each and sewing them together then turning and top stitching I thought I could create the look I was going for. This ended up working out really well and if I may say so myself the top stitching on that heart came out great considering I'm not a big fan of topstitching. 

Here is the finished project...

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