52 Week Sewing Challange :  Week 11

52 Week Sewing Challange : Week 11

Week 11:  Something green. 

Are you thinking about St. Patty's day? I wasn't until this challenge. I have been sewing a lot for my daughter lately and I think my son feels a bit left out...or maybe I just feel that way he probably doesn't actually care. Either way this week I wanted to do something for him. After this kids last growth spurt he is in dire need of underwear. So I figured I would use this weeks challenge as double duty and make this kiddo some green underwear. 

I like the Stich Upon A Time underwear patterns for my crew so the boxerwears for my little man was a no brainer. Our solid cotton lycra is the perfect fabric to get a great fit  for my guy. 

This is a simple pattern taking only a few minutes to sew up which I love because ... toddlers. 

Speaking of toddlers mine refused pictures. his answer when I asked him to try them on was a simple "Nope"... like I said toddlers! 

So I present to you Flat Lays!  Or more accurately Flat Lay. 

Being such a simple item this week makes for a short post but check back tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday to see more exciting adventures and get to meet April!

Hope Ya'll have a great Monday!




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