52 week challenge~ Week 8 Sew something up-cycled.

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52 week challenge~ Week 8 Sew something up-cycled.

I was super excited about this weeks challenge, and for once already had my fabrics in mind. I ended up doing two sews for this week, one for my husband and one for myself. We both had tees we were wanting to show off but needed to give them some love so I up-cycled them into garments we would wear. 

Lets start with my husbands sew because well it was super basic. Last year we made some lifestyle changes to get fit and ended up shrinking out of our clothing. That included one of my husbands favorite shirts, an out of print Old Navy find that he just loved. We carry some rather awesome solid cotton Lycra in the shop and it was just perfect to bring my vision for this shirt to life. Now he loved the graphic but could take or leave the shape of the shirt.

I had two motives for his sew, one was to get the shirt out of my project pile and into his closet, another was to fit check a pattern on him. The pattern I used was Jalies Nico raglan. I have sewn this pattern many times but my poor husband doesn't get nearly enough me made, I had yet to make it for him. I love how well the arms are drafted with this pattern and it goes from kids all the way to adults in one pattern. This pattern is a staple in my files and can be found here: https://jalie.com/jalie3669-nico-men-s-raglan-tees

I broke down the shirt by cutting up the side seams and down the middle of the sleeves. Next I placed my pattern on the shirt  and got to work. I used natural cotton Lycra for the sleeves and a new neckband. I also made things even easier and used the existing hem from the shirt. I was super happy with how it turned out. He was super happy to find his beloved shirt had not been given away last year. Win for the wife!

Now, on to my sew. My dad gave me this tee-shirt from a little brewing company up in Odessa Washington that makes some amazing Microbrews. Yes, I have a love for the Rocki Coulee Brewing co.'s Fireweed. Now I love the sentiment behind this tee; lets face it though, I hate the basic tee. They are boxy and make me feel choked all day long. I decided to turn it into a tank using some of our yellow cotton lycra from the shop. For this make I would be using Patterns For Pirates Layer Me Up .

I started by braking the shirt down the same way I had done the Nico. I wanted the back graphic of the shirt to be on the front. I placed the front pattern piece on the back of the shirt and realized I would be color-blocking the pattern, if I wanted to keep the graphic intact. I had already color-blocked the strap off the front tank for a previous project so I just went with those cut lines. (A little tip: when color-blocking draw the cut line and then draw another line though it as a marker. This will help you line the pieces up later)

The front and back bottom part for this pattern are the same, you just line your top pieces up and cut. My plan was to cut the bottom back bodice out of the shirt and the upper back bodice and front strap out of the yellow cotton Lycra. I lined up my front strap and back bodice and cut it out. I was silly and had one pattern piece facing up one down LOL. So I cut the upper straps off and attached them separate. 

Overall I am happy with my top. I am super excited that I will be wearing it instead of staring at it in my closet! This challenge has opened up an entire world of possibility. I no longer have to avoid souvenir t-shirts.

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