52 week challenge ~ Week 10, sew something color-blocked.

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52 week challenge ~ Week 10, sew something color-blocked.

Color-blocking is a  fun way to make fabric stretch and add some fun elements to your sew. Many designers use it to update and change the look of existing patterns. I find color-blocking an awesome way to use up small cuts of fabric and scraps. 

Here at Aurora Designs we have in-house panels and color-blocking is an excellent tool to have in your pocket when working with these panels. The basic concept of color-blocking is cutting new seams into your pattern piece, turning your pattern piece from one to multiple pieces. Some people trace the original pattern and add seam allowance to the pattern piece I usually cut my pattern block in and then add the seam allowance to the newly blocked cut. 

The amazing Wendy is leading a Sew-a-long over in the Sewing Menagerie, on George and Gingers Lovesick bra (pattern is free in the files section of the George and Ginger Facebook group). This was a new pattern to me, I had heard Wendy mention a few times to make a muslin and check the fit. Resisting the urge to cut into some of my glorious customs, I decided to use some small cuts of fabric on hand to construct my muslin.

Being a mom and finding time to sew can be hard, so when I do sew I like to make it count. I decided to add a little color-blocking so that I could make matching shorts to go with my top. I was in need of workout wear and this seemed like the perfect solution. Who has time for laundry right! 

I constructed this whole outfit using 1/3 of a yard of royal quilted, a fat 1/2 and some tails of white scuba and a doll panel. My color-blocking to the love sick was fairly simple. All I did was cut a vertical, line 2.5 inches from the fold side, on the back bodice pattern piece. I then cut my panel on the fold and cut two mirrored pieces from the remainder of the bodice piece, making sure to add seam allowance to my new cut line on both the quilted and panel. From there I sewed the quilted to each side of the panel, top stitched the seams, and constructed the rest of the lovesick per instructions.

Moving on to the bottoms. I absolutely love New Horizons Portlanders.  Recently I discovered that I love wearing the shorts version, for my video and weight workouts. Having limited amounts of fabric, I decided to color block the sides and add a pocket. Color-blocking is a fantastic way to sneak pockets into your garments.

For this color-block, I cut a line vertically down the front pant piece, 1.5 inches in from the side seam. I also cut a vertical line, 2 inches in from the back pant side seam. I then cut out my front and back pieces, adding seam allowance to the new cut lines. Next I took the 2.5 inch cut and 1.5 inch cut pattern pieces and overlapped them by 3/8 of an inch, at the original side seam. I cut out two mirrored images, making sure to add seam allowance to the sides and mark the back, so I new what pant piece (front or back) to attach it too. From there I constructed the pockets by cutting two rectangles, the width of my new side pieces (about 4 inches) by 6.5 inches. Wanting a top angle, I came down 1/2 an inch from the top front and made a mark, then placed a ruler from the top back corner to the mark, cutting a diagonal line. I also cut two 4 inch x 2 inch rectangles of quilted. I folded the rectangle in half making them 1 x 4 inches and surged them to the top of my 6.5 inch rectangle, right sides together. I then flipped the seam allowance down and top stitched.

From there I lined up the bottom of my pocket piece, to the bottom of my side piece and basted the sides to hold.

Next I took the front of my pant leg and attached it to the front of my side panel right sides together. I repeated with the back piece and then top stitched down the seams.

After doing this with the other leg, I sewed the inseams of my pant legs. Then I flipped one leg right side out and stuck it in the other leg, so right side were touching.

I pined my crotch seam and sewed. I attached waistband per pattern instructions and hemmed the legs at 3/8 of an inch. 

I am super happy with how this outfit came together and I cant wait to see how it holds up to my workout. Color blocking takes more time but the end results are worth the effort! I am excited to see all the fun sews people create this week. I feel like the creativity level will be high and the results will be inspiring. If you would like to join in on the challenge you can do so here!



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